Run your vending business with us

Increase Sales

A vending machine which occupies under 6 sq feet of space, making it easy to install and deploy anywhere.

Reduce Operational Costs

Can accommodate a variety of products with different sizes because of the customizable tray and coil options.

Total Control of your Business

A simple and intuitive interface that increases conversion and also makes your vending machine more accessible to the customers.

What People Are Saying About Wendor!

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Rohan Goel
Ready to succeed with your vending business?

Wendor Touch – Upgrade Your Vending Business

Introducing a smart and simple solution to upgrade your old vending machine into a 21st century one. A state of the art motherboard which allows your machine to instantly increase sales, reduce operational costs and remotely control your vending business. 

Wendor Mark III

A vending machine with the best in class hardware and the most advanced vending software designed with passion which will show. 

Wendor Mini

With a sleek design of just under 6 inches of thickness, it can accommodate a variety of product sizes and has all the features for Wendor experience.   

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Wendor dashboard gives you total control

Wendor for your office

Vending Machines are most popular in corporate spaces because of their ability to provide instant food and beverage options to people at any time with only a press of a button. This increases employee efficiency and improves effective man hours of the employees.  It plays an important role in improving the office culture. 

Wendor for your campus & college

Having a vending machine on campus or the college premises allows the students to be able to grab a quick bite between their breaks, even during odd hours. And students with their quick responses and adventurous behavior prove to be the best audience for a vending machine business.  


Technology which supports most payment methods, letting customers to vend up to 5 items under 30 seconds instead of the conventional 3 minutes

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With a simple and easy to use interface create a customer friendly experience which is also interactive with videos to attract more.

Reduce Operational Cost

The 'refiller app' allows the vendor to plan routes, eliminating unnecessary stops and cutting cost by streamlining the product ordering process

Monitor Your Business

Provides the vendor with a live report of the machine, alerting and cutting down on the machine's downtime. Also, provides one with the daily and weekly sales report.

Frequently asked questions

Wendor has three distinct vending machine solutions to offer which are Wendor Mark III, Wendor Titan and Wendor Mini. They vary in shape, size, features and price, catering to the different needs of a vendor and its customers. Wendor Mark III which is under 6 sq feet and Wendor Mini with under 6 inch thickness allows one to install vending machines in compact spaces. Whereas, one can also upgrade their old vending machines with our Wendor Touch technology. To find out more about our products visit our product pages.

Wendor’s ‘Refiller App’ is an application that allows one to increase track-ability of their refillers. This helps forecast and analyse refilling status for your vending machine and alerts you whenever the machine shuts down or requires refilling. This app also helps to remotely keep a check on your cash meters and track the money bags collected by the drivers at the end of every single day.

Ordinarily there are different types of vending machines available to accommodate different variety of products. However, Wendor vending machines can accommodate a variety of products with different sizes because of the customizable tray and coil options. And our in-house designed and engineered motherboard helps to vend upto ‘5 products in under 35 seconds’ instead of the normal 3 minutes taken by other vending machines.

For queries that have already not been covered or answered, you can contact your personal aid by clicking on the icon on the right side of your screen, who will get back to you in 24 hours.

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