Wendor Touch

Wendor Touch is an in house engineered, state of the art motherboard which can be fitted in to any old vending machine to upgrade your old machine to a 21st century one.

A Vending Upgradation Solution

Wendor's fast vending technology allows us to vend more food items at one go saving time during our already short breaks in college.
Amrita Jhajj
Simple UI, cashless, checking the status of the machine and products inside it remotely makes stand out from other Vending machines.
Rohan Goes
Social Cops
As a college student I was always on a hunt for food commodities late night which I couldn't find anywhere. With Wendor installed in the hostel. Food is now just a touch away.
Saumya Gupta

Increase Sales

A system designed with Power back up and VendSure Sensors to automate instant refunds in case of transaction failure. Wendor Touch  supports most payment methods and vends up to ‘5 items under 35 seconds’ one go with Quickvend Technology. 

Fall In Love With Our Features

QuickVend Technology

Our In-house designed and engineered motherboard helps to vend upto ‘5 products in under 35 seconds’ instead of the normal 3 minutes taken by other vending machines, making this a great user experience.

Supports Most Payment Methods

Supports majority of mobile payment methods, credit and debit cards and cash too so that you are always accessible to your customer.

Reduce Operational Cost

Significantly reduce your operational costs by eliminating unnecessary stops by planning the routes for your refiller and by streamlining your product ordering process.

Fall In Love With Our Features

Direct Payment To Bank Account

Get your revenue from the vending machine directly transferred to your bank account instead of manual collection of money at the end of every single day.

Refiller App

An application to increase track-ability of refillers. Also helps to remotely keep a check on cash meters and track the money bags collected by the drivers at the end of every single day.

Remotely Control Your Vending Business

Provides you with a live inventory report and also with daily and weekly sales reports. This helps you to obtain refilling history and forecast and create a sales analysis for your business.  

Fall In Love With Our Features

Cut Machine Downtime

Wendor Dashboard alerts you to bill jams, internet connectivity, temperature and other issues as and when they happen.

Get Daily Summary

Receive a detailed look into your operations helping you eliminate unnecessary stops, and only refill machines that really need it.