Wendor MINI

A sleek vending machine design with thickness just under 6 inches, it can accommodate a variety of product sizes and has all the features for Wendor experience.

Mini Just Got Mightier

Simple UI, cashless, checking the status of the machine and products inside it remotely makes stand out from other Vending machines.
Rohan Goes
Social Cops
Wendor's fast vending technology allows us to vend more food items at one go saving time during our already short breaks in college.
Amrita Jhajj
Finally a vending machine to accept cashless modes of payment. Also get automatic refund during failure in transaction instead of just losing money.
Birina Deka

Sleek Design

A sleek vending machine design with thickness just under 6 inches. This allows you to easily fit the machine anywhere and deploy our slim compact design anywhere. 

Supports Most Payment Methods

This small compact machine can support majority of mobile payment methods, credit and debit cards and cash too so that you are always accessible to your customer.

Remotely Control Your Vending Business

Provides you with a live inventory report and also with daily and weekly sales reports. This helps you to obtain refilling history and forecast to create a sales analysis for your business.  

Fall In Love With Our Features

Automatic Refunds With VendSure Technology

Get automatic refunds with our VendSureTM sensor technology, even in case of failure of power.

Variety of Product Size

Can accommodate a variety of products with different sizes and also vend up to ‘5 products in under 35 seconds’.

Built In Internet & Power Back Up

Always be available to your customers with our built in internet technology and power back up system.

Simple & Intuitive Interface

An interface which makes your vending machine more accessible to the customers and also increases conversion by playing interactive videos on our 7" touch display.